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Calgary's Group Benefits and Insurance Specialist

Denise Higginson has been in the insurance industry for over 25 years. Her career began in the Employee Benefits sector in 1986. She worked for a major insurance company and held various positions including underwriter, service representative and positions in sales and marketing.

Denise joined Renfrew Insurance in 1996 where she devoted herself to her clients and developed a solid client portfolio. Denise also sat on the Board of Renfrew Insurance and managed Renfrew’s benefits department. She sits on the Executive Board of the BBB of Southern Alberta and East Kootenays.

Denise is a highly specialized Calgary Insurance Broker whose expertise in self-funding possibilities and products and plans that are creative and innovative gives her clients exceptional insurance options. She strives to provide outstanding benefits programs and financial planning that combine the needs, core values and objectives of clients.


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