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Calgary Insurance Specialists on Planning for a Vacation

Knowing that you are covered by an insurance policy that meets your needs can allow you to go on vacation with peace of mind. Travel insurance can be essential to cover medical emergencies or even a standard doctor’s visit, because these are not covered outside of Canada. Travel insurance packages can also include insurance against property damage, loss, or theft during a vacation or trip. Finally, it can protect against unexpected cancellations and delays, especially during winter months. Calgary insurance specialist Denise Higginson explains how to select the right travel insurance for a winter or spring vacation.

Travel Insurance: Calgary residents should take into account the risks they may encounter during their vacation

It is important for Canadians to know the the government of Canada does not cover any health care costs incurred outside of the country, and private health insurance in Calgary workplaces does not always cover these costs either. This makes it important for individuals of all ages to invest in at least a basic health insurance plan while they travel.

  • Even individuals in perfect health should invest in a coverage plan in case of an accident.
  • There are many options for can range from coverage for doctor’s visits, to hospitalization, to medical evacuation.
  • Injury related to certain activities can exclude individuals from coverage, so it is important for anyone planning on doing activities such as downhill skiing, snowboarding, or ice climbing to determine if their policy will cover them. If not, it is a good idea to look into adventure insurance or winter sport insurance.

It is important to decide on coverage for flight cancellation, trip interruption, and lost baggage

It can be useful to have trip cancellation insurance in case any unexpected incidents, illness, or work emergencies arise. However, when selecting a trip cancellation plan, be aware of limitations of coverage. For example, some cancellation insurance policies do not reimburse the non-refundable travel costs to the policyholder for anything other than severe injury or death. Forms of cancellation that refund the trip for a wider array of reasons can be more expensive, but many travellers might find it well worth it.

  • Whether or not to insure luggage and personal items against loss or theft usually depends on how valuable the items you are carrying are.

    • If you are embarking on a simple backpacking trip, it might not be worth it, but if you are carrying items such as a laptop or other valuables, it may be beneficial to discuss this kind of travel insurance with Calgary insurance experts.
  • Business travel insurance packages usually include coverage for lost, stolen, or damaged technological equipment.

Individuals who travel frequently should consider a multi-trip policy

Frequent traveller for work or vacation, it may save money by purchasing one insurance policy to cover travel within a certain area during a calendar year. The price of these policies can depend on the type of coverage as well as the geographic range of travel. Backpackers travel insurance can also be useful for longer trips: it offers coverage for long-term expeditions, even up to 18 months.

With group travel insurance, Calgary families can save money

When travelling with family, it can be useful to look into insuring the entire family as a group to save on travel insurance. Calgary families with older children should ask their insurance specialist whether or not the group travel insurance plan covers children until the age of 18, or whether it has the broader coverage that allows coverage for family members who are aged up to 20 and/or still in college.

Read all of the details of each policy you are considering

The most important advice for selecting travel insurance is to make sure you are familiar with all details of the policy, especially when it comes to anything that could prevent you from claiming coverage.

  • For example, some insurance companies will not be able to honour insurance policies for countries where a Government of Canada Travel Advisory has been issued.
  • Others may deny coverage of certain items insured against theft if the item was not properly secured at the time.This is why it is important to shop around with the help of a Calgary insurance specialist to find the right combination of coverage and rates.

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