Additional Personal Health Insurance Calgary

Additional Personal Health Insurance

Disability and Life Insurance?

What happens when you suddenly become ill and can’t work? How do you pay your debt or maintain your lifestyle? Having Disability Insurance can provide loss of income protection and guaranteed coverage of your assets. Additionally, statistics have shown that approximately 30% of Canadians do not have a life insurance plan. Many people often question whether or not they should incorporate life insurance into their financial plans.

We understand everyone’s needs are different, but the rule of thumb is: if you have liabilities, a family or there are people relying on you to provide for them, chances are you will need life insurance. It is important to provide those who are relying on you with protection against the personal and financial strains of an unexpected death.

Long Term Care Insurance

Our health naturally deteriorates as we age, and sometimes it does not allow us to perform daily activities. Long Term Care Insurance in Calgary is designed to provide extra coverage and periodic benefits for people in their senior years that are in need of elder care facilities or home care services.

Critical Care? Insurance

Critical Care Insurance can be a supplementary product to any work disability plan. The concern with anyone affected by a serious illness or injury is the waiting period to receive your payments. The solution for Calgary employees is to obtain a critical illness insurance plan where the insurance covers over 20 different serious illness diagnoses and the benefits are paid out within one month after the medical diagnosis.

The advantage of our Calgary critical illness insurance plan is the flexibility of the purchase arrangement. Clients are able to purchase on a short-term affordable basis or on a longer-term basis up to the age of 75.

To see how you are able to benefit from tailored Personal Health Insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us at our office in Calgary to obtain more information.


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