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Insurance and Safety are two equally important factors when it comes to securing the future of your business. As Calgary Insurance specialists, we know just how essential it is to have reliable insurance coverage and a solid safety plan and that's why we're proud to partner with CORSafety, a Calgary-based organization devoted to building safety communities for small to medium sized businesses.

As a business owner, working with CORSafety provides your company with a strong and structured safety program that will make your workplace safer and reduce any liability or legal obligations your business may face.

The Company's Vision:

CORSafety wants to create an online safety community that gives small to medium sized business owners the chance to benefit from quality safety programs. The aim of these safety programs is not only to make the workplace safer for employees, but to also educate and empower them so that they can make their own safety conscious decisions in the future.

The Company's Mission:

CORSafety is dedicated to providing business owners with the resources they need to operate a cost-effective and reliable safety program.

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