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How long are you willing to wait to get help from a medical or health specialist? Statistics have shown that the average period of time from an initial doctor consultation of a serious illness to the time that the patient meets a specialist and finally starts receiving treatment for the medical condition is 4 months.

With Medical Access Insurance, your employees are able to have immediate access to over 10 types of specialists, including GI and Orthopedic. Your employees also have access to a variety of diagnostic medical tests such as MRI, CAT and CT scans. Additionally, they are able to seek quick medical surgery procedures such as heart bypass, hernias and gall bladder treatment.

Employees make up the core of any business. By offering Medical Access Insurance, they are able to have quick access to information and medical treatments that will result in reducing absenteeism, shorten recovery time and ultimately contribute to higher work productivity. If you're interested in finding out how Medical Access Wait List Insurance can help your business run smoother, then contact our team of expert insurance brokers in Calgary today.


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