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Our Outfit Has Credibility

Our RESP provider, Heritage Education Funds Inc., is well established with almost 50 years in the industry, over 400,000 clients and $2.3 billion on deposit. Our funds are secure so fallout from market corrections are not a concern. We lead the industry in technology and therefore have the ability to impress your client's employees by presenting and submitting the business electronically on either a Laptop or iPad. I've included a PDF copy of our RESP GUIDE, which we use to explain the program. This will identify some of our plan details and partnerships. I should also mention that we have just completed a Member vote that has further enhanced the flexibility of our Plan. I can provide info on that as well if you would like to review it (please note that because of the recent changes, we are re-printing most of our materials as we speak so some of the info, like the RESP GUIDE, is being replaced and for reference only).

Increase Participation Rates

We have the ability to offer a reduction in Membership fees to participants (10%) to encourage them. We could also discuss ideas for structuring programs (as needed) whereby the client contributes to their employees plan, further enhancing the benefit to their staff.

Customize to Suit

I understand that I'm making some assumptions and that we may need to customize an arrangement to fit you. There will also be situations whereby customization will be required to satisfy the needs of your clients as well.

This should provide you with enough info to effectively introduce you to our program. We have some simple contracting paperwork available for review as well should this process appeal to you.

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