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Running a business can be difficult. Sometimes, it even feels impossible. We work hard to earn our client's business, balance (stretch) payables/receivables and compete with the purchasing power of large, established organizations with deep pockets to attract talent.

As an entrepreneur, I have faced the same challenges as many of my clients in attracting and retaining talent. According to a study conducted by StyleLabs, potential candidates currently in the job market (looking for placement or a change) identified five variables in their consideration set when choosing an employer:

  1. Fair to competitive wages
  2. Option to telecommute
  3. Positive work environment
  4. Opportunity for growth
  5. Benefits

In fact, 65% of the respondents surveyed indicated that if benefits were not available, they would not consider joining the said organization.

At our organization, we try and add products to our toolbox that negate this HR disadvantage.

The most difficult part about offering benefits to staff is finding the compromise between a finite company budget and the infinite expectations of employees.

I'm very excited to offer the myFlex Benefits solution to you. myFlex is an agile product that answers to the latter challenges without financial discomfort. Here are some details.

myFlex Benefits – Big Benefits for Small Business

Traditionally, with small business insurance packages in Calgary, it can be difficult to find a solution that fits both the needs of your employees and your budget at the same time. But with myFlex Benefits, this all changes. myFlex Benefits allows a game-changing level of choice for both employees and employers, and can give your business the stable and enticing benefits package it needs.

Who is myFlex Benefits designed for?

myFlex Benefits is for small businesses with around 5 to 35 staff members who are looking for a business insurance benefits package that is unmatched in terms of flexibility and coverage.

What are the advantages of myFlex business insurance?

myFlex small business insurance offers a variety of benefits for both Calgary employers and employees.

For Employers:

  • Entice talented employees to your business
  • Retain home-grown talent and continue to benefit from your investment in them
  • Reward your team and boost morale
  • Flexibility for budgeting and financing
  • Give employees benefits they need
  • Give your finances stability with a 2-year renewal

For Employees:

  • Have your unique needs catered to
  • Options to trade payroll deductions for extra benefits
  • Convenient and easy to use web interface simplifies paperwork
  • Improve your morale and relationship with your employer

Need more convincing? Check out this video!

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